Fachbegriffe zu Informatik und deren Anwendung

Wir sind Informatik

Roland Vollmar

"Als Informatiker ist es für mich eine Selbstverständlichkeit, in der wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaft der Informatik Mitglied zu sein."


Informatics is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Old economies have to adjust their education and economy to new technologies to be competitive or be with the winners in globalization. Talking about competition, there is no better proof for efficiency than winning against strong competition.

Therefore GI supports the organization of various awards and prizes in the field of informatics for a variety of target groups. Just to name the most important:

Konrad-Zuse Medaille

The Konrad-Zuse-Medal for achievements in computer science is awarded to personalities who have been identified in an outstanding manner in the field of computer science in research, technology and application. Since 1987 the "Konrad-Zuse-Medal" for achievements in computer science is the most important award of  informatics in Germany.


Prize for best dissertation ("Ph.D. thesis")

GI awards this thesis prize every year since 1994 to absolutely outstanding works covering all kinds of topics in informatics like advances in technology, new applications or the interrelation with the general society. The abstracts of the short listed papers are published in the section "Dissertations" of the GI-Edition "Lecture Notes in Informatics".

Award for teachers

This is the award for teachers teaching informatics in school, independent of pupils age, kind of school and curriculum. GI not only underlines the importance of teaching informatics in school but wants to support the development of better methods of teaching too. The best examples of teaching will be published on the GI German website.

Innovation prize

In addition to the scientific competition for best dissertation, the innovation-prize will be awarded in 2005 for the first time. The competition is open for inventions or innovations covering typical problem areas in informatics, software related inventions included. Only such inventions will be short listed that recently got a patent or those innovations being put in practice ore used in teaching already.

Students informatics competition

The students award was foundet in the year 2005 an is held anually. More than 150 universities and colleges were inviteted to deliver solutions for ambitious informatic problems. Only teams of students are permitted to be part of the competition. Not only hard skills of a programming contest are requested, also soft skills are necessary to be succesful.

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