Fachbegriffe zu Informatik und deren Anwendung

Wir sind Informatik

Alexander Kohout

"Was mich an der Informatik generell so fasziniert ist, dass es eine noch sehr junge Wissenschaft ist und ihr volles Potential noch lange nicht ausgeschöpft hat, frei nach dem Motto: Alles ist denkbar!"


It's members constitude the GI. Result is the local structure of more than 30 regional groups. This is the active community where people working in all areas of informatics get together. All members having the opportunity of active participation,

promoting the transfer of knowledge between universities and business and cooperate with other associations and federations,

including the cooperation with the German chapter of the ACM. And of course support their own interests and the general aims of GI.


You will find a list of all regional groups here.